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Medicare Consultants --- Medicare Advisors

"Your fee was the best money I have ever spent." --- Michael W.

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HealthCare Initiatives (HCI) Medicare Consultants aka Medicare Advisors offer unbiased, confidential and objective consultations to Medicare recipients living anywhere in the United States. First, our Medicare Advisors review specific information about our clients' needs, lifestyle, and budget concerns. Then we research, analyze, evaluate, and recommend the most cost-effective plans --- Medicare, Medicare Part D Prescription Drugs, and Medicare Supplemental (Medigap) or Medicare Advantage --- unique to their individual circumstances and needs. HCI's Medicare Consultants serve as independent Medicare Advisors to Seniors.

HCI provides the same high quality services to Medicare enrollees as if each consultation was being conducted for our firm's executives. We consider the unique circumstances of each of our clients. We recommend the most cost-effective and comprehensive Medicare options --- medical coverage policies and Part D medications plans --- to them to ensure their access to quality care for the rest of their lives.


"I have completed all the major steps relating to both my Medicare enrollment ... as well as ... my family members (enrollment) in more affordable plans. My new monthly premiums for myself and my family will be a 60% reduction over what I had been paying ... . Your help has been much appreciated ... . --- Jim B., San Diego, CA

"Your assistance was extremely helpful ... great value received ... well-worth your fee. Thank you." --- Floyd S., Douglas Co., OR

"Great information here. Very thorough and very valuable to me. I am really glad I retained a pro like you ... Much appreciated for all your stellar professional work and sage advice." --- Bill W., Washington, D.C.

"Thank you for your comprehensive review and explanations ... guidance and recommendations, you turned a morass into a simple process." --- Ed W., Wilmington, NC

"Your ability to breakdown the vast amount of information into understandable bullet items in your written report is OUTSTANDING!" --- Kathy S., Los Gatos, CA

"Thanks again for your guidance through this process. We both got so much out of today's conversation with you." --- Charles & Barbara H., Dallas, TX

"My employer dropped my coverage, so I needed to enroll in Medicare plans per your timely recommendations. I will save several hundred dollars monthly. Your guidance in much appreciated. Thank you for your help." --- Glenn B., Payson, AZ

"Thank you for your help. We have enrolled in the plans which you recommended now and after we relocate to Colorado. We are very grateful that my heart transplant medications will be affordable hereafter because of the resourceful pathway which you recommended to us."--- Lory & Gary C., Bakersfield, CA

"I am so appreciative of your assistance. Trying to do this (make Medicare changes) for my mother would have been impossible without your firm." --- M.W., Ridgefield, WA

847-868-8648; 847-266-7800

Medicare Simplified

Medicare has 4 available coverage elements:

Part A – In-Patient Services ---- Hospital, Skilled Nursing, Hospice, etc.
Part B – Outpatient Services --- Physician Visits, Diagnostic Imaging (MRIs, X-Rays, CT Scans), Physical Therapy, Lab Tests, etc. (80% coverage); Medigap or Medicare Supplemental Insurance for an additional premium would cover the balance of 20% of the cost and other expenses not covered by Part B depending upon which plan is chosen
Part C – Medicare Advantage Plan
Part D – Prescription Drug Plan

Enrollees may choose to enroll in:

  1. Original Medicare (Part A & Part B) only, or
  2. Original Medicare (Part A & Part B), and Medigap aka Supplemental Insurance Coverage (which covers the 20% of outpatient services expense not covered by Part B), or
  3. Original Medicare and Part D, or
  4. Original Medicare and Medigap and Part D


  5. A Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C, like an HMO, PPO, MSA, PFFS, etc.). Most plans include RX Drug Coverage Benefits and may include other services, which Medicare does not cover (dental, vision, etc.).

If you choose #1 --- Original Medicare Parts A & B, you cannot enroll in #5, a Medicare Advantage Plan. You must enroll in Original Medicare to be eligible to enroll in Medigap and Part D Plans. And you must enroll in Medicare Plans within certain time frames or pay penalties later on.

If you are a first time enrollee, you may choose your Medicare options within 90 days before the 1st day of the month of your 65th Birthday. If you are interested in changing your Medicare Plans or your Part D RX Drug Coverage Plan, you may do so during the Open Enrollment Period, October 15-December 7 annually. You may change your Medicare Supplemental Policies aka Medigap Plans anytime.

HCI is not affiliated with any insurance or Rx drugs organization. Insurance agents and brokers represent the interests of insurance companies. HCI advocates solely for the best interests of Medicare enrollees and their families.

The process is simple:

  1. Following an initial inquiry by telephone or Email, we schedule a brief telephone assessment with the Senior and/or family members.
  2. We send you a brief information form to complete, review it, and thereafter, Email a Retainer Agreement for your review and approval.
  3. Upon receipt of the Retainer, we research, analyze, and evaluate Medicare options and determine the most cost-effective and comprehensive coverage.
  4. We provide a written analysis and evaluation report with specific recommendations for the client and/or the family.
  5. After clients have had the time and opportunity to review the report, we schedule a teleconference to answer questions and explain why we recommended the strategy and options documented in the report.

Only 5 percent of Medicare beneficiaries buying Part D plans choose the least expensive plans with comparable or better benefits than the most expensive plans according to a study published in the October 2012 issue of Health Affairs by Project Hope. The uninformed choice of a Part D Plan may result in expensive monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and excessive copays and expenses for drugs not covered by the plan. And the vast majority of Medicare enrollees choose the most expensive Medigap/Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans. Insurance companies must offer the same benefits menus within the 10 lettered policies; they may charge whatever they want for them. Monthly premiums may vary by $100-150 or more.

HCI charges a one-time Retainer Fee, which varies depending upon the specific circumstances and time needed to research and customize the most cost-effective plan for each client. Our services invariably result in substantial cost-savings --- often 5-20x the cost for our services and knowledge enhancements for all of our clients.

HCI's Medicare Consultants eliminate confusion and steer Medicare enrollees in the direction of:

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Typical Savings: Case Studies

Michael contacted HCI to ask for help in trying to figure out why his mother's medications costs were so expensive and to determine if she could find more cost-effective coverage than her Advantage Plan. HCI determined that his mother, a nursing facility resident, was being charged a fortune by the facility's pharmacy contractor. HCI recommended that Michael change his mother's plan to one which will enable her to have optimum healthcare provider choice and be much more cost-effective. We analyzed and evaluated all of the Medicare Part D Rx Drugs Prescription Drug and Medigap/Supplemental Insurance Plans available to her. And we teleconferenced CMS/Medicare with Michael to effect a transition, obtain accurate answers to important questions, and ensure that Michael's mother will have the most seamless coverage available. The government Medicare staff who enrolled her was both surprised and appreciative that HCI represented enrollees' best interests; she stated that CMS normally receives calls from irate insurance agents instead. Michael's mother will save more than $14,900 annually on RX drugs and potentially thousands more in medical expenses.

David had paid out more than $8,000 for his medications in 2013. He contacted HCI during the Open Enrollment period. HCI's Medicare Consultants analyzed and evaluated all of his available Part D and Medigap plan options for the following year. Our Medicare Consultants found plans with less expensive monthly premiums (savings = $150/month) and a Part D plan, which included his medications in its formulary at a lower tier level, less costly copays, and no deductible (savings = $3500). David saved a minimum of $5300 in 2014 by pursuing our recommendations.

Blair was employed and covered by insurance until she was 67 years old. She decided to transition to Medicare because her company's health plan cost her $300/month plus $40 copays for office visits and had a deductible of $3000. Her medications had copays of either $25 for generic drugs or $50 for brand name drugs. Her typical out of pocket expenses were approximately $8000/year. She contacted HCI to help her make some Medicare plan choices. HCI's Medicare Advisors researched her options. Ultimately, we recommended Medicare plans which would result in savings of about $4500/year not including potentially tens of thousands more because her company's plan required 30% coinsurance after she reached her deductible.


Terry lost his job and his employer's insurance plan. He needed to enroll in Medicare quickly, but was confused by the myriad of options available to him. HCI advised him to avert the expense of a COBRA Plan, provided him with the requisite information and SSA forms with which to enroll in Medicare, and conducted an analysis and evaluation of 30 Part D RX Plans and hundreds of Medigap Plans available to him. Within 2 weeks, Terry was enrolled in the least expensive, most cost-effective and most comprehensive Medicare coverage plans available.


Medicare Consultants --- Medicare Advisors: Objective and Independent

Our Medicare Consultants render objective, candid professional opinions based solely upon Medicare enrollees' needs, preferences, priorities, unique circumstances, Medicare coverage goals, and optimum cost-effectiveness.

Our dual objectives of maximizing value and minimizing anxiety, confusion and expense are evidenced in the added-value derived and reasonable fees charged for our services. Normally, we are able to complete our research and provide written findings and recommendations to clients within 7-10 days.

Medicare Consultants --- Medicare Advisors

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