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HCMC is a national healthcare consulting firm. HCMC's healthcare consultants specialize in developing creative and expeditious s_24 (7K)solutions for healthcare providers at the most competitive and cost-effective fees in the industry. We ensure that our clients approve and work with us to implement changes and improvements throughout the consulting engagement.

Since 1989, HCMC's healthcare consultants have provided services to hundreds of clients throughout the United States, Canada, and in several other nations. We enjoy an outstanding international reputation for integrity and efficacy.

Our Healthcare consultants have an average of 15 years healthcare provider-based consulting and management experience and proven success in resolving administrative, management, marketing, organizational, regulatory compliance, and strategic planning challenges for all types of healthcare organizations. We have vast experience in contemporary, practical problem solving; we have saved our clients millions of dollars by eliminating inefficiencies, excess costs, and wasted resources.

"I have no idea how to interpret or implement the contents of this report." --- A common complaint we hear from clients, who have received a bulky Final Report from another consulting firm which was hired to address a specific problem or issue. Many clients are too embarrassed to admit that they neither understand nor know how to utilize the information provided by a previous consultant.

We assess clients' needs quickly, recommend the best options, and working in harmony with their key management teams, design and implement customized solutions for them.
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HCMC consultants provide services to (partial listing):


+ ACOs, Hospitals, Academic Medical Centers, and Long-Term Care Facilities s_27 (6K)

s_16 (15K)
+ Community, Employer-Sponsored, Family, and Government Health Clinics
+ Clinical Labs
+ Diagnostic Imaging Centers & Mobile Imaging Programs
+ Group Practices: Medical, Dental, Therapy, Chiropractic, etc.
+ Home Health Care Services and Hospices
+ Long-Term Care & Assisted Living Facilities
+ Mental Health Facilities and Provider Groups
+ Outpatient Clinics - Public and Private Sectors

Product Manufacturers, Group Purchasing Organizations, Distributors, DME Dealers, Medical Contractors and Suppliers

+ Physical Therapy Services
+ Public Health Programs and Services; Government Owned/Operated
+ Surgi-Centers & Ambulatory Care Centers
+ Venture Capital and Investment Firms; Capitalized Start-Up Ventures


Healthcare consultants for hospitals, managed care organizations, government, law firms, labor unions, major employers, purchasers, providers and consumers.

HCMC: Action and Implementation

Healthcare Management Consultants provides a broad range of services to our clients. We use a "Team Approach" and work with the key staff of each of our clients to ensure staff input and participation.

HCMC offers Expertise, Objectivity, and Creativity to its' clients. Our approach ensures that:

Most of our work is done on clients' premises. Our clients are provided with updates and progress reports frequently throughout long-term engagements. s_13 (7K)

The best and most highly skilled staff are assigned to address specific issues on an as-needed, cost-effective basis.
Assigned staff are at the cutting edge of contemporary health care services issues including The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
There are no ambiguities or cost overruns - no surprises. We maximize efficiency and minimize the time and expenses needed to provide our clients with the best healthcare consulting services available. Our clients know precisely within a 10% factor the complete costs of our services, from start to finish, before the commencement of any work for them.
HCMC is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality, maximum impact consulting services in a cost effective manner. HCMC's healthcare consultants have successfully completed over 1500 client engagements. We have assisted over 150 new ventures to achieve their goals on a retained and not-to-exceed cost basis.

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HCMC... providing honest, objective and cost-effective consultation to the healthcare industry.

Healthcare consultants for healthcare systems, hospitals, healthcare delivery organizations, group medical practices, outpatient facilities, home care services, government, major employers, purchasers, law firms, labor unions, Medicare enrollees, and consumers.

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Healthcare consultants for hospitals, managed care organizations, government, law firms, labor unions, major employers, purchasers, providers and consumers.