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Healthcare consultants for hospitals, managed care organizations, government, law firms, labor unions, major employers, purchasers, providers and consumers.

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Executive and Management Recruitment Services

s_9 (5K) HCMC provides retained search recruitment services for executive leadership and management for all healthcare providers, related businesses, and venture capital/investment firms. Since 1989, HCMC has assisted client healthcare providers to identify and recruit the best candidates available to provide leadership, management, and direction to their organizations. Candidates are recruited, screened, interviewed, and vetted before we recommend them for consideration by our clients.

Recruitment services include:

  • An initial site visit, meetings with decision-makers; geographic, relocation, and organizational profiling
  • Position description analysis and development
  • Corporate culture assessment and candidate profiling for 'fit'
  • Database and sourcing prospect identification
  • Preliminary screening of candidates
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Remittance of short list of qualified candidates for client selection
  • Arrangement of client interviews of selected candidates
  • Compensation package assessment to determine realistic offer range
  • Assistance in negotiating with Finalist
  • Follow-up after candidate is hired and commences employment

Retained Search Fee and Expense Structure:

  • 16% + travel expenses for salaried positions up to $250,000/annum
  • Our extensive database of thousand of candidates and ability to recruit excellent candidates throughout the U.S. enables us to fill positions in less time (often within 4-8 weeks) at less cost (40-60% less) than traditional search firms.
  • Our recruitment contracts are for 120 days from the retained search start date. We utilize a Hybrid Retained, Capped, and Performance-Based methodology for calculating search engagement fees.
  • The same methodology for concurrent searches beyond the first recruitment assignment (two or more in the same time frame) are structured not-to-exceed 15%
  • All administrative expenses are included in our fees.
  • Actual travel expenses are invoiced with attached receipts.

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  • After initial non-refundable Retainer Fees and travel expenses are paid, no balances are due if clients identify and hire candidates through their or other resources.
  • Our incentive is to ensure that we fulfill recruitment assignments and enjoy long-term sustained business relationships with our clients.
  • Retainer fee balances due will be waived if we fail to recruit and present candidates, who are offered and accept positions.
  • We will do our best to fulfill recruitment assignments within your designated time frame.

We recruit highly qualified candidates nation-wide on a retained search basis for leadership positions inclusive of (partial listing):

Chief Administrative Officers
Chief Executive Officers
Chief Financial Officers
Chief Operating Officers
Department Directors and Managers
Directors of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officers
Directors of Materials Management, Public Relations, Patient Relations, Regulatory Compliance, Strategic Planning, etc.
Executive Directors
Human Resources Managers and Directors
Managed Care Executives
Marketing Directors & Sales Executives
Nurse Managers
Pharmaceutical Sales Reps
Physicians --- Primary Care, Medical Directors, Board-Certified Specialists
Product Development Directors and Managers
Revenue Cycle Specialists
Vice Presidents
Other healthcare executives, managers, and specialists
HCMC offers discrete, nationwide, expeditious and cost-effective retained recruitment services for our clients. Our staff are highly skilled and perceptive in identifying the best candidates for each of our clients' unique circumstances.

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Executive and Management Recruitment Services


Healthcare consultants for hospitals, managed care organizations, government, law firms, labor unions, major employers, purchasers, providers and consumers.

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